Concrete Jungle (2023)

by ​Indie 184 for a corporate office in Hudson Yards

New York City
Victoria Gildersleeve

It was our pleasure to work on a project honoring New York City and its culture with Indie 184. The artist is a quintessential part of the graffiti community, and her passion for her city is infectious. This big, vibrant piece brings in the energy from the outside and entices the viewers to feel connected to it with its many visual references.

Artist Statement

‘In “Concrete Jungle”, I strive to capture the very essence of New York City, a metropolis that never fails to astonish with its dynamic energy and diverse tapestry of cultures. It is a tribute to the rhythm of urban life, an exploration of contrasts, and a testament to the resilience of the human spirit amidst the towering skyscrapers and bustling streets. Every stroke of my brush and every splash of pigment on canvas is an ode to the vibrant souls that call this city home.

Through my lens, I paint the cityscape in black and white, capturing the raw, timeless beauty of its architecture and the interplay of shadows that dance upon the concrete walls. Simultaneously, I infuse technicolor into my art, reflecting the vivacity of its people, their dreams, and the myriad of stories etched into the city’s DNA. This amalgamation of hues represents the pulsating heart of New York — a city that is both a monochromatic masterpiece and a vibrant explosion of colors. A visual symphony, harmonizing the gritty reality of the streets with the dreamlike quality of the city’s skyline at sunset. It’s a dance between the familiar landmarks and the hidden corners, between the polished glass facades and the weathered bricks steeped in history. In “Concrete Jungle,” I invite the viewers to lose themselves in the labyrinth of the city, to wander through its alleys and avenues, and to discover the beauty in its chaos.

Ultimately, this painting is a reflection of the enchantment and delight I find in this city that never sleeps. It’s a homage to the relentless heartbeat of New York City, a place where dreams are woven into the very fabric of its existence. Through my creations, I hope to share the magic of the city, inviting others to experience the same awe and wonder that has inspired me since youth.’


Artist Soraya Marquez aka Indie 184, (born 1980) is a native New Yorker, from Dominican descent, has been active in the graffiti culture for over two decades. Determined to express herself to the world through art, she quit business college to teach herself how to sew, paint and produce graphic design. Also influenced by collage and pop art, her paintings are raptures of color and textures. Fused with her original graffiti and street art, imagery, and designs juxtaposed with personal messages. Indie’s art has been exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide, including El Museo del Barrio in New York City and Völklingen Ironworks Museum, in Saarbrücken Germany, Museo de Bellas Artes De Murcia in Spain as well as numerous solo and group gallery exhibitions. Her graffiti and mixed media murals can be found in the streets from the South Bronx to Paris. Her most recent collaborations have been with Rimmel London as Chief Artistic Officer, Apple Beats1 Radio, Lionsgate Films, MTV Networks and a capsule clothing collection with iBlues. Catch her creating her latest work in the streets, designing or painting in her studio.

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