&rew Soria

Andrew Soria is a digital pop surrealist and photographer based in Los Angeles, CA.

Originally from South Florida, he takes inspiration from the city’s vibrant culture, focusing his work on uncommon and colorful architecture. His surrealistic cityscapes, composed of his photography, strive to capture the spirit of a city. Andrew’s work has been exhibited in Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Baton Rouge, San Francisco, Hong Kong, and South Korea and featured in several art publications; Juxtapoz, Hi-Fructose, Plastik, Whalebone, and more.

&rew Soria, “North Miami towers” 2023

Artrepreneur: How do you find inspiration and maintain creativity in a world saturated with images?

Andrew Soria: My passion lies in discovering what makes a place truly special. I am captivated by the narratives I catch glimpses of in classic buildings, vintage signs, and uniquely shaped architecture. I find the best way to stay creative is to experience a new location. Walk along the same sidewalks, or as is often the case for me, bike or skateboard through the streets. Every new sight, smell, or sound inspires my artwork. I aim to shed light on these environments and pay homage to the communities that inhabit them.

ATP: How do you approach the concept of beauty in your work, and how does it intersect with social, cultural, or personal perspectives?

AS: I find that the beauty of nostalgia is most present in my work. It is through the recognition of familiar areas and distinctive landmarks within a community that my art connects with viewers. The incorporation of surreal colors in my work is drawn from the emotions evoked by these places. Moreover, each of my artworks harbors hidden meanings, contributing a layer of depth to the overall piece.

&rew Soria, “Mexico City” 2023

ATP: Is there a boundary between documenting reality and creating art through photography?

AS: Although my artwork may blur the lines between fiction and reality, they are all based on real places. I think there is an essential boundary between reality and art. By utilizing photography as a medium, I aim to mold my art, capture the essence of a place, and aid in narrating the tale of a city. The purpose of my surreal cityscapes is to serve as a testament to a specific place and moment in time and contribute to the storytelling process.

ATP: How do you approach the concept of time in your photographs, whether it’s capturing a decisive moment or exploring the passage of time?

AS: Over time, many of the familiar signage and architecture in my artwork may undergo significant changes or disappear entirely. Through my process, I learned the significance of sustaining and documenting the places I capture through my art. Now, I strive to help preserve the history and cultural essence of the neighborhoods I depict.

&rew Soria, “Venice” 2021

ATP: Can you share some insights into your post-processing workflow? How do you enhance your images to achieve the desired aesthetic?

AS: My artworks are created using original photographs by digitally collaging images in Photoshop. I capture photographs of a place and create a library of images to use for each digital collage. Carefully selecting certain photographs, I cut them out from their backgrounds and seamlessly layer them with other images. It’s like putting together pieces of a puzzle. The resulting image can feature hundreds of seamlessly blended photos. These surreal cityscapes are based on real places that pay tribute to communities by showcasing their iconic landmarks and architecture. The colors used in my composites are inspired by the community, creating a vibrant and dreamy atmosphere. These artworks document and preserve the city’s rich history while celebrating its unique identity through depictions of each neighborhood.

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&rew Soria, “Mid-City” 2022