Evgenia Smirnova

Evgenia Smirnova is a watercolor and acrylic artist from Russia. She has lived in Sicily since 2009, when she moved to study under the Italian painter Salvo Coglitori. She uses a variety of methods and mediums but watercolor is her favorite tool since it allows her to be highly expressive and fluidiatiy within her work. Over the last two years she has exhibited in Rome, Milan, Venice, Arte Padova 2021, Arte Genova 2022, Saint Petersburg, and Taiwan.

Evgenia Smirnova “Forget Me Not Flowers” 2023

Artrepreneur: In what ways does your artwork reflect your personal experiences or worldview?

Evgenia Smirnova: The main theme of my work is the search for freedom. In any of its forms. That’s why in my paintings you can meet flying whales, astronauts walking in flower fields, air balloons. What could be freer than a huge whale flying among the mountain ranges?

ATP: What role does experimentation play in your artistic process?

ES: My creativity is in a constant process of searching for new forms. I have not yet settled on one single form of artistic expression. Therefore, the experiment occupies a very large place in my creative process. I like to mix techniques, mediums and textures.

Evgenia Smirnova “Over The Mountains” 2023

ATP: Can you tell us about your creative process from ideation to completion?

ES: In fact often when I start a new artwork I do not know what the end result will be. It is not uncommon for me to start from the feeling caused by some kind of spot, a combination of colors, the mood of the landscape. And I’m trying to convey this feeling. In the process of painting new images and thoughts appears and they get into the painting.

ATP: How does the process of creating art affect your mood or mindset? Do you find it therapeutic or challenging?

ES: I really like the process of drawing. Applying paint, driving a brush or palette knife across the canvas, I find very therapeutic. So when I want to turn off my brain and relax I make abstract paintings. Of course, there are times when I want to get a certain form, especially when it comes to realism, and this form does not come out the way I would like. Then the process of painting became challenging. But I never quit my painting without reaching the desired result.

Evgenia Smirnova “Falmingo Lake / Large Abstract” 2023

ATP: Can you describe the significance of color in your work and how you approach color choices?

ES: I believe that form is important in painting, but color elicits genuine emotions. You can paint the same subject in different colors and get completely different results. Dark blue is the color I use the most. The color of the ocean’s depths. The color of tranquillity and silence. In addition, almost all of my works contain a small amount of red. Too much red can be overpowering. A small amount of this color draws attention to a specific element of the image.

To view more of Evgenia’s work please visit her profile.

Evgenia Smirnova “Light Pink Abstract n1” 2023