Kathleen Rhee

Kathleen Rhee is an Australian artist who resides on the beautiful Gold Coast of Australia, just minutes from the beach. She recently moved into her new home studio, which she personally built and designed. This space boasts high ceilings and stunning natural light, providing an ideal environment for her creative endeavors.

Kathleen’s passion for art has been a lifelong companion, dating back to her early years. Art is not only her chosen profession but also a deep-seated obsession. She has an insatiable need to create and paint, as it brings her profound happiness. Kathleen’s life revolves around art, from reading and watching to thinking and dreaming about it.

Being an artist is a privilege that Kathleen cherishes, and she wholeheartedly embraces every aspect of it. She revels in the freedom of creating and expressing herself through her paintings while earning a living from her craft. Kathleen finds joy in knowing that people appreciate her work enough to purchase it and incorporate it into their daily lives, displaying it proudly in their homes.

Kathleen Rhee “Views at Dusk” 2021

Artrepreneur:  What emotions do you aim to evoke through your paintings?

Kathleen Rhee: When I paint my goal is to take all my impressions, feelings and experiences and create an artwork that will emanate a pure, positive vibrant energy. I want my paintings to be larger than life, all consuming and have the ability to gently transport you to a place of meditative calm.
I want to bring the outdoors indoors, bringing nature into your home adding a sense of peace to people’s lives. 

Artrepreneur: Can you tell us about your creative process from ideation to completion?

KR: My artwork is an honest inner reflection of my feelings and representation of the gentle beauty in my surroundings.

I have a love and passion for working on vibrant large-scale paintings. I work in acrylic, experimenting on different surfaces, stretched and flat. I like how different canvases/surfaces hold the paint differently giving off a various energies, looks and feelings. Some brighter, darker, softer, rougher, textured, smoother.

I prefer acrylic due to the fast-drying qualities of the paint and it’s playfulness for layering and texture.

Kathleen Rhee “Everything Is Gonna Be Alright No2” 2020

Artrepreneur: Do you find inspiration in other forms of art, such as literature or music? How do these influences manifest in your paintings?

KR: I find inspiration from colour combinations I see everywhere. Music I listen to while I work. The sky, its light, mist, colour and cloud forms. I love textures you see in in rocks, sand and shells. I find endless inspiration from water, the ocean and particularly the horizon line over the water….where the sky meets the sea.I find that really fascinating, so dynamic, it is every changing.
I find all of these things combine are a continual source for my creative process. I transfer all my observations, feelings and love of colour into each painting.

Artrepreneur: What is the role of technique in your art? How do you balance technical skill with expressive freedom?

KR: I do not like to work in a processed style, I find it to boring, limiting and controlling, but I do need to have certain elements or details in my work, sometimes this is more, sometimes less depending on my mood. I like these elements to have balance, contrast and opposition. My paintings usually start with a colour combination I feel I need to use. As I paint I look for smooth seamlessness, thickness of textures, spatter, colour merging and always the energy and feeling of the painting is what is one of the most important ingredients to me. When all of these elements are pleasing to my eye I know the work is finished.

Kathleen RheePeace Garden” 2022

ATP: What do you hope viewers take away from your sculptures/3D art?

AJ: I hope that my artwork evokes a sense of calm and warmth; that it prompts curiosity and a desire for exploration. Art can transport viewers to a realm of memories and sensations, where they can experience a profound sense of calm and inner peace. I hope to offer a gentle reminder of the beauty found in nature and the serenity it can bring to our lives.

On occasions I aim to elicit a range of emotions and instigate critical reflection on themes such as consumerism, climate change or women’s rights. I want viewers to confront societal issues, challenge the status quo, and strive for positive change. Ultimately, I hope some pieces of my art become a catalyst for transformation.

Kathleen Rhee “I Can See Clearly Now” 2020

Artrepreneur: Can you describe the role of intuition in your creative process? How much do you rely on instinct versus planning when creating a painting?

KR: As much as I goes outward to seek inspiration I also listens to my inner self, letting my emotions guide me. The need to transfer my feeling in to a painting is always with me, continually in my mind and being, this is an unconscious process that naturally happens. My intuition takes over, I let the paintings come to life on their own, sometimes it happens immediately, or sometimes it takes a few layers before the painting tells me it’s done”.

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