Links (2022)
by ​Trish Andersen
for Elmwood Square

Elmwood, NY


Victoria Gildersleeve


Located in a historic and art-conscious neighborhood, Elmwood Collection is inspired by the local architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright as well as the influence of collections at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery. The artworks are bold and bright, filled with shape and dynamic forms. They exude an air of optimism and happiness in their dedication to color and modernist aesthetics.

On Location

Artist Statement & Biography

As an interdisciplinary artist born and raised in Dalton, Georgia “The Carpet Capital of the World”, Trish Andersen’s initial attraction to the process of tufting was a means to reconnect with and explore her roots. Years after attending the Savannah College of Art and Design and moving on to live and work in Brooklyn, New York, she began using the medium as an examination of the notion that a thing or a way of being can run in our blood; that perhaps by observing the characteristics of personal origin and establishing commonality and community around those that reverberate in the present, one may be able to begin unearthing the elusive authentic self.

Enter the drips. Combining fibers gathered from field, sheep and those developed on a factory floor, Andersen proves that there is always room for both the vibrant and the muted, the sleek and the wild, cut and looped, soft and cumulus, the dense and the coarse; the unexpected and varied tactile quality of her pieces allow the eyes to open to an emotional one. Her work speaks to the truth that whether they are temporal, cultural, geographical, or interpersonal, boundaries inevitably bleed, and the results are often quite stunning.

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